Ruby's Legacy: A Family Farm Re-imagined


Ruby's Legacy: A Family Farm Re-imagined


Ruby's Legacy: A Family Farm Re-imagined


The Start of Something Amazing that Continues to Evolve

So, what inspired Ashley to make such a big move while taking on this exciting agricultural venture and launch Ruby's Happy Farm? Having earned her Master's Degree in Public Health, she learned a lot about the importance of stress and stress prevention.  Ashley understands that stress is one of the leading causes of countless diseases, many of which can take a huge toll on the body.  With that in mind, she performed hours of research on CBD, learning about its mental and physical health benefits, and how it can positively impact those struggling with anxiety.  On a personal level, she witnessed her mom use CBD to treat the pain and discomfort associated with arthritis and saw firsthand how much of a positive effect it had on her as a natural method of pain management.  Ashley's vast knowledge, hours of extensive research, and personal experiences helped her develop a business plan with a unique opportunity to establish a farm to consumer CBD-focused business using her family’s legacy land. 

Known for thinking outside the box and having an innovative mindset, Ashley's story certainly doesn't stop here. Instead, she's committed to taking the steps needed to scale her business, increase awareness of her brand, and empower other women to follow their dreams.  She hopes her story of success as a black female farmer inspires others to take the plunge and try something new.

The Future of Ruby’s Happy Farm

Ashley loves what she does for a living and looks forward to expanding grow operations while recruiting new employees with as much passion for the agricultural industry as she has. Her plan is not only to continue adding to the product line while offering responsibly grown hemp flower and CBD products, but also to begin hosting farm visits and events to show others what it's like to own and operate a farm.  She looks forward to providing educational opportunities to those who want to learn how to launch their own business. 

While many have already learned about Ruby's Happy Farm, especially those in and around the Tennessee region, Ashley looks forward to working closely with a professional marketing agency to begin advertising on a much larger scale. Her goal is to get more recognition and help people across the country discover  high-quality products produced by her company. 

The story of Ruby's Happy Farm may have started several decades ago with the purchase of farmland by Ashley's grandfather and great-grandfather but Ashley is here to keep the legacy alive. Using that same farmland, Ashley is proud to operate a pesticide-free and fertilizer-free farm supplying hemp and topical products to the public. The steadfast commitment to providing superior products has enabled Ashley to bring her vision to life with a future that looks incredibly bright for Ruby’s Happy Farm.

If you’re looking for the highest quality of hemp CBD to help bring you comfort and happiness, check out Ruby’s Happy Farm where you can buy hemp CBD online and have it delivered to your door.

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By Ashley Brooks