Ruby's Legacy: A Family Farm Re-imagined


Ruby's Legacy: A Family Farm Re-imagined


Ruby's Legacy: A Family Farm Re-imagined


Ruby’s Legacy: A Family Farm Re-imagined


Ruby's Happy Farm has speedily gained the attention of the public as a black female-owned and operated business supplying pesticide and fertilizer-free hemp flower grown on legacy land. However, as a farm known for selling high-quality organic CBD products, for the past three years, some may be curious to know more about the history of the farm. It all began decades ago when the founder of Ruby's Happy Farm, Ashley Richmond's grandfather and great grandfather, worked as sharecroppers.    


The two men spent several years working hard on the farm, putting in extra time and effort during the growing season to produce thriving crops prior to harvesting. However, at the end of the season, Ashley's grandparents weren't making much because most of the profits went directly to the landowner. After several years of maintaining crops on land, owned by someone else, the two finally had a chance to become landowners themselves. They purchased space to create their own farm where they could freely grow their favorite crops. Unbeknownst to them, it was one of the best decisions they could've made and this decision would ultimately leave a lasting legacy for generations to come.

Life on the Land, From One Generation to the Next

Becoming landowners was an accomplishment for Ashley’s grandparents. They looked forward to finally profiting from their hard work and dedication to nurturing high-quality crops throughout the growing season. This new way of living became the norm for the entire family, with generations of loved ones spending the next 50+ years farming on the land.

Learning to go after what you want from her strong-willed grandparents; it is no surprise that Ashley has a similar mindset. She learned to navigate the world of entrepreneurship and what it takes to sell crops as a farmer. Ashley chose to start a new business on the legacy land in Tennessee. As a female farmer, she named it Ruby's Happy Farm, LLC, an ode to the family's matriarch.

A Total Transformation of the Family Legacy Land


Ashley is as determined and dedicated as her grandfathers, who spent countless hours on the farm each day to produce the best crops. As the farming environment changed, she had the vision to transform the land into something new and different with the goal of turning it into a safe, pesticide-free space to grow crops from which millions of people could benefit. And she's managed to do just that.

Her enthusiasm and perseverance have helped transform Ruby's Happy Farm into what it's become today a company that prioritizes providing responsibly-grown hemp flower, fruits, vegetables, and CBD products. Consumers love the variety of products, such as CBD sample packets, gummies, and personal moisturizers.

If you’re looking for the highest quality of hemp CBD to help bring you comfort and happiness, check out Ruby’s Happy Farm where you can buy hemp CBD online and have it delivered to your door.

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By Ashley Brooks