Our Story

Pictured: Walter Richmond (great grandfather) Lucille Richmond (great grandmother)

Our great grandfather and grandfather worked as sharecroppers for many years.  Sharecropping was not ideal; my family was required to pay rent for the land and provide majority of the profits, from their crops, to the land owner.  However, in  opportunity became available for our grandparents to purchase and farm their own land. 

Named after the matriarch of the family, Ruby's Happy Farm, LLC was established on family legacy land in Tennessee that had been farmed by earlier generations for 50+ years.  Ruby’s Happy Farm, LLC transformed the land to produce a high value product in a vastly expanding market. Built on the foundation of farming  Ruby’s Happy Farm, LLC is a female owned business that supplies organically grown fruits, vegetables, hemp flower, and hemp products.  
Pictured: Ruby Richmond (Grandmother), Wilton Richmond (Grandfather), Billy Richmond (child) and Frankie Richmond (child)
Our Commitment To You


At Ruby's Happy Farm, LLC each individual hemp flower is carefully planted, by hand, without the use of plant fertilizers. Companion planting is a natural technique used on our farm to help with pest control and pollination. Companion plants also provide a happy habitat for beneficial insects.


We are committed to provide the best products. Prior to launch our products are tested by a small group, who complete an anonymous survey, sharing their feedback.


An array of tests have been performed on our products and are available for review.  Please email us at info@rubyshappyfarm.com if you need additional information. 


Pictured: Lavonia and Odell Lucas (Ruby's Parents)