Our Story

Pictured: Walter Richmond (great grandfather) Lucille Richmond (great grandmother)

Our great grandfather and grandfather worked as sharecroppers for many years.  However, in 1963 an opportunity became available for our grandparents to purchase and farm their own land. 

Named after the matriarch of the family, Ruby's Happy Farm, LLC was established on family legacy land in Tennessee that had been farmed by earlier generations for 50+ years.  Ruby’s Happy Farm, LLC transformed the land to produce a high value product in a vastly expanding market. 
Pictured: Wilton & Ruby Richmond; Frankie Richmond (child) Billy Richmond (child)

Our Founder 

Ashley embodies the determination and dedication of her grandfathers. As the farming environment evolved, she envisioned transforming the land into a new and sustainable venture. Her goal was to create a safe space for hosting guests and cultivating crops without the use of chemicals at the farm.

On a personal note, Ashley observed her mother's use of CBD to alleviate the pain and discomfort of arthritis. Witnessing the positive impact of CBD as a natural method of pain management firsthand inspired Ashley. Drawing from her extensive knowledge, countless hours of research, and personal experiences, she developed a business plan. This plan presents a unique opportunity to establish a farm-to-consumer CBD-focused business using her family’s legacy land.