CBD Lubricant: The Surefire Way to Spice Up Intimate Encounters


CBD Lubricant: The Surefire Way to Spice Up Intimate Encounters


CBD Lubricant: The Surefire Way to Spice Up Intimate Encounters


You've likely heard of CBD and its benefits, but you may be surprised to learn that this potent component is included as an ingredient in a lubricant that you can safely use on some of the most intimate areas of your body.  Happy is a personal lubricant safe to apply to the vaginal area alone or with a partner, whichever you prefer.  The CBD used in Happy Lubricant has been formulated with CBD that was grown at Ruby’s Happy Farm, a female-owned business with a positive reputation for supplying organically grown products, such as vegetables, fruits, and hemp flowers to the community.  This lubricant is taking intimacy to the next level.

The Significance of CBD Lubricant for Women

Personal lubricants are nothing new and have existed for more than a century, with the first of its kind product available in 1904.  While initially referred to as a surgical aid, it wouldn't take long for couples to use it in the bedroom, thus resulting in what personal lubricant has evolved into today.

Although lubricants aren't a new product, options made with CBD are few and far between. Happy is an excellent choice for those interested in experiencing sexual satisfaction because it's a smooth liquid designed to emulate your body's natural lubrication. It can enhance pleasure in the bedroom, whether engaging in a single masturbation session with toys or an intimate encounter with a partner, making you feel more comfortable than ever.

Some women experience excessive vaginal dryness during intercourse, even when engaged in intimate moments with someone they love. Unfortunately, vaginal dryness can make sex feel uncomfortable and, at times, extremely painful. One way to get relief is to apply personal lubricant to the vaginal area. Even if you're using a condom, the lubricant can reduce friction to prevent discomfort and improve the overall experience.

According to Peter Grinspoon, MD, and contributor to Harvard Health Publishing, lubricants infused with CBD have the potential to help reduce the pain some women experience during intercourse. Although additional studies are needed to determine the full effect, one animal study offered promising results by showing that CBD worked to reduce inflammation.                                                          


Better Sexual Experiences 

Lubricants for the Promotion of Sexual Health and Well-Being: A Systematic Review, a peer-reviewed journal featured in the National Library of Medicine, shows that while lubricants are often used to heighten sexual arousal and pleasure, they can also help to minimize the pain associated with vaginal dryness. The information comes from a study on female breast cancer survivors experiencing vaginal dryness, with those who used lube experiencing less discomfort during vaginal intercourse.

What’s In It? Healthy Ingredients for Your Pleasure

Happy, the revolutionary personal lubricant product infused with CBD grown on the owner’s farm, contains only the finest ingredients, all of which are safe to apply to sensitive areas.  The primary ingredients include nanoparticulate CBD known for its anti-inflammatory effect with hyaluronic acid to hydrate the vaginal tissue.  Medium molecular sodium hyaluronate and low-molecular and oglio molecular sodium hyaluronate are additional ingredients added to leave skin feeling smoother while increasing elasticity for penetration.  In addition, Happy includes a plant-based silicone alternative that doesn't irritate the skin.  Instead, it leaves the most sensitive skin feeling silky for the duration of intimate encounters, so you never have to worry about feeling too dry too soon.

Other ingredients in the personal lubricant include aloe vera to moisturize the skin, the selective prebiotic blend Ecodermine that prevents dryness, and lactic acid to help you maintain a healthy pH balance and reduce the risk of experiencing bacterial vaginosis. Formulated with the finest, well-researched ingredients that promote good sexual health and wellness, using the personal lubricant with toys or a partner can positively impact any sexual experiences you might have.

How Does It Work?

The many ingredients in this potent product, including the plant-based silicone alternative, water-soluble CBD from American-grown hemp, and lactic acid, enable the water-soluble, CBD-infused lubricant to replicate the feel of natural vaginal arousal fluid.  As a result, both women and men can experience more sexual gratification in the bedroom without concerns about stopping due to sudden dryness and irritation.

Using the product is simple.  Start by adding a small amount of the lubricant to your clean fingertips.  Begin gently applying the liquid to the vaginal area, paying particular attention to the vaginal vestibule.  If you feel like you need more, you can add extra to your fingers and reapply the lubricant.  Many people enjoy using lube throughout their sexual encounters.  If you're planning to have extended intimate moments with someone special, you can always reapply the CBD-infused lubricant  as often as you'd like to keep your vagina smooth, soft, and hydrated.

Can CBD Lubricant Benefit Both Women and Men?

Although lubrication benefits women tremendously, drastically reducing or eliminating pain associated with having sex when dealng with vaginal dryness, they're not the only ones who benefit from it.  Unfortunately, vaginal dryness can negatively, impact men during penetration.  While inserting the penis into the vaginal vestibule, the dryness often leads to excess friction, which can cause undeniable pain and discomfort for the man engaging in intercourse with his partner.

Dry sex can even alter a woman's pH levels, increasing her risk of bacterial vaginosis and other infections.  For men, the abrasiveness can cause an uncomfortable and irritating rash that will make penetration painful until the rash heals. Because it can negatively impact everyone involved, couples engaging in sex and concerned about vaginal dryness can benefit from using the personal lubricant. While women can apply it directly on the vagina, men can also add some of the lubrican to the shaft of the penis, making it easier to squeeze it into the vaginal vestibule without causing discomfort.

Enjoy Enhanced Sexual Encounters with Happy

Personal lubricant with CBD provides individuals with a safe and effective way to combat vaginal dryness, heighten sexual pleasure, and reduce pain associated with penetration. Unlike other products on the market, Happy consists of CBD grown right on Ruby’s Happy Farm. The companys follows a pesticide-free, fertilizer-free growing process to create safe-to-use products for sexual health and wellness. Formulated in a GMP-certified lab and tested in a third party lab to ensure safety, women and men can enjoy the natural feel of a revolutionary product that mimics a woman's arousal fluids to provide a more natural and pleasurable intimate experience for all.

If you’re looking for the highest quality of hemp CBD to help bring you comfort and happiness, check out Ruby’s Happy Farm where you can buy hemp CBD online and have it delivered to your door.

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As always, for all things hemp CBD, visit our hemp CBD blog often and if you have any questions about this strain or CBD in general, reach out at: https://rubyshappyfarm.com/pages/say-hello.


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By Ashley Brooks